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Welcome to, the official website of LegalMark Media. I entered the industry in January 2007 as a sales rep for one of the biggest, and worst, attorney SEO focused companies in the United States. I left that company n March 2009 and have not looked back since. One of the biggest reasons I went out on my own is that I am concerned with helping attorneys online but I also help them to control costs and not waste advertising dollars by trying every product and or service they are pitched about.

SEO is dying as people in 2022 do not typically Google things. They are already on social media which includes podcasts, all podcast platforms, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. so why make them leave where they already are and go to a search engine to find you?

So, how do you capture this new market of searchers with the need for a skilled and experienced attorney? The answer is easy as interactive, optimized and original content, is taking over where Bing, Google & Yahoo left off. This is especially true of searchers under the age of 45.

To learn more about how our comprehensive media solutions can immediately bring your firm additional cases please contact me here.